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Nonesuch: Sometimes Some of the Best Places on Earth Are at Home.

I like to get away.  If you know me that should be no surprise. I like to try new things.  I like new food, new wine, new people.  I am in a constant search for something that makes me go wow.  The routine drives me nuts.  It's why I have had a hard time sticking to much in my whole life.  It is why I left a comfortable job to go to law school at 30.  It is why I chose a path after law school that always kept things interesting rather than safe.  However, sometimes you find those things right at home after living in a place for nearly a decade and it surprises you.

Trista and I first went to Nonesuch in March of 2018.  The only reason we were even aware it existed was because it was next door to Ludivine (which is also a fabulous OKC restaurant) and we saw this weird one room restaurant with people eating around what looked like a bar.  It peaked our interest.  We made a reservation the next chance we had.  At that point I think it was $60+wine.  You could get reservations the sa…

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