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Catalonia Day 7/8: Barcelona, Final Trip Thoughts and Trip Cost

For the final two days of our adventure we headed to Barcelona.  We drove from our hotel in Begur and returned the rental car and then took the train into central Barcelona to check in to our hostel.  Yes that's right we stayed at a hostel.  We did have a private room but had a shared bathroom.  It mostly ended up being fine we honestly hardly even saw the other guests there and it was $100 cheaper than the cheapest centrally located hotel we could find.

We both needed a short nap to recharge the batteries and then we headed out.  After being in essentially small towns and the Catalonian countryside it was quite a shock being in a big city again.  There was a very neat market right by our Airbnb, La Boqueria Food Market.  It was a huge market with endless food vendors, meat, fish, flower, and lots of other vendors.  We wandered around in there for a bit.  We got some fried anchovies and something else that looked like fried octopus but wasn't.  I am going to preface this by s…

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