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Colorful Cartagena: Beauty, Jose, Holy Moly Humidity... and the ugly side of racism

After our escape from Playa Blanca we headed to Cartagena for four nights.  We had to book a different hotel for the first night because our original hotel for the last three nights was booked up (We later found out that we were lucky to find anything because there was a giant Ironman triathalon there that weekend).  And it didn't really matter where we stayed because we pretty much did nothing that first day besides enjoy a beautiful rooftop pool, A/C and a nice comfortable bed.  It was Thanksgiving day so we lounged around and read and watched football and ordered room service.  On a two week trip it is pretty inevitable that a down day is going to happen and being tired and on the verge of heat stroke after the previous day gave us the perfect excuse.

For the last three nights we were to stay in Bocagrande which is pretty much the main central neighborhood in Cartagena.  I hafta say this blog will not have much in it besides eating and drinking because it was SO hot the whole …

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